AI creates royalty-free music with producers.

What is Mubert?

Mubert is an AI-powered music platform that creates high-quality, royalty-free tracks by combining the creativity of music producers with cutting-edge AI algorithms.

About Mubert

Mubert is a platform that harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence to produce high-quality music tracks that are royalty-free, suitable for a variety of purposes. By combining the creative input of music producers with AI algorithms, Mubert has created a seamless collaboration between humans and technology in the realm of music production.One of the key features of Mubert is its ability to generate music tracks instantly using AI algorithms that perfectly align with the desired parameters. Users have the flexibility to customize the mood, duration, and style of the tracks to meet their specific needs. Additionally, artists have the option to collaborate with AI to create unique and extraordinary music compositions. The platform can also be seamlessly integrated into apps, games, and platforms to enhance the audio experience. With an extensive library of thousands of staff-picked royalty-free music tracks for various purposes, Mubert offers a diverse range of options for users.The use cases for Mubert are varied and cater to different audiences. Content creators looking for royalty-free music for videos, podcasts, and online content can benefit from the platform. Artists seeking to collaborate with AI and monetize their music creations can also find value in Mubert. Developers and brands in need of original music for their products can leverage the platform. Additionally, listeners who seek a personalized and evolving music experience for various occasions can explore Mubert’s offerings.For those interested in utilizing Mubert, the platform offers various tools for different user needs. Content creators can use Mubert Render to easily create soundtracks that align with their content’s mood, duration, and tempo. Artists can collaborate with AI using Mubert Studio to produce unique tracks, samples, and loops and earn from their creations. Content creators looking to generate custom music within Adobe After Effects or Premiere can do so hassle-free with Mubert Extension. Developers and brands can seamlessly integrate Mubert using the Mubert API to access original music for their products, royalty-free. And for listeners looking for tunes to suit any occasion, Mubert Play provides options for chilling, training, working, or simply listening.


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