Fig AI

Securely manage secrets, scripts, SSH credentials. With autocomplete.

What is Fig AI?

Introducing Fig, the ultimate command line tool for securely managing secrets, scripts, and SSH credentials. With autocomplete, script building, SSH management, and dotfile syncing features.

About Fig AI

Fig is a cutting-edge command line tool that acts as the central repository for your team’s secrets, scripts, and SSH credentials. With features like autocomplete, script building, SSH credential management, and dotfile syncing, Fig offers a comprehensive solution for command line operations.The AI tool Fig comes equipped with various functionalities that cater to the needs of developers and engineers. These include Autocomplete for existing terminal with support for 500+ CLI tools, Interactive terminal UIs for building internal CLI tools, Secure access to SSH servers, Editing, syncing, and sharing of dotfiles, and Management and syncing of shell plugins.When it comes to practical applications, Fig proves to be a valuable asset in various scenarios. These include Improving productivity and efficiency in the command line workflow, Collaborative sharing of shell aliases and environment variables, Creating and distributing internal CLI tools within an engineering team, Managing and accessing SSH servers securely with a GUI or CLI, Editing and syncing dotfiles across multiple devices, and Managing and syncing shell plugins for zsh, bash, and fish.To make the most of Fig, users can easily download it for free using the ‘brew install fig’ command or opt for alternative download options. Once installed, Fig seamlessly integrates with your existing terminal, providing features like autocomplete for popular CLI tools, interactive terminal UIs, secure SSH server access, easy dotfile editing and syncing, and shell plugin management.Overall, Fig proves to be a versatile and powerful tool for streamlining command line operations and enhancing collaboration within engineering teams. Its user-friendly interface and robust feature set make it a valuable addition to any developer’s toolkit.


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