Detail AI

Camera app with video editing features.

What is Detail AI?

Detail AI is an innovative camera app for storytellers, seamlessly blending the ease of a camera app with the capabilities of a video editor. Create captivating videos effortlessly.

About Detail AI

Detail AI Video Content Maker is a camera app designed for storytellers that brings together the simplicity of a camera app with the advanced features of a video editor. With this tool, users can easily record and edit engaging videos at a rapid pace.Some key features of Detail AI Video Content Maker include the ability to record and edit videos quickly, the option to replace backgrounds with any image, and the freedom to express creativity limitlessly. Users can mix different camera angles, backgrounds, captions, and styles to create captivating videos. Additionally, every shot can be edited instantly, enabling users to perfect their content effortlessly. The tool also allows for shooting with both front and back cameras simultaneously and offers green screen effects for talking over videos.This AI tool has various use cases, including creating travel vlogs, makeup tutorials, cooking shows, online courses, music videos, podcasts, and reaction videos.To use Detail AI Video Content Maker, simply download the app on your Mac or iOS device from the App Store. Once installed, open the app and start recording videos using either the front or back camera. Users can choose a background from their camera roll or use the rear camera as a backdrop. After recording, editing features such as adding captions, applying filters and effects can be used to enhance the video before sharing it with others.


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